ON-SITE SEO is pretty much exactly what is says, it is your onsite efforts in terms of your SEO stragedy, without ON-SITE SEO being implemented correctly OFF-SITE SEO is probably a waste of time, put it this way you have an amazing sales rep sending customers to your shop, when they arrive there is no lights on and the receptionist is asleep on the floor?

The website is your shop to use this analogy and therefore getting your website configured is the first ON-SITE SEO factor that needs to be right, below is some ONSITE-SEO factors.

  • KEYWORDS– Adding keywords to your website is key aspect of SEO however this needs to be done carefully as (Keyword Stuffing) can result in penalties from Google, they need to be placed in text but naturally.
  • URL– Adding keywords to URL is essential.

  • META INFORMATION– Adding keywords here is important as this is the description searches see when you appear in search.. meta detail must make sense and include company/ description/ location.
  • PAGE TITLE-Ensure each page has its own title and description and focusing on certain keywords optomise SEO create further pages for Google to index.

  • SOCIAL LINKS-Make sure your relevant social links are available on your website, this provides essential link to OFF-SITE SEO and a way to engage with different demographics from different platforms, this is also a great way of keeping fresh information about your business on a static site.
  • MOBILE FRIENDLY– Ensure your site is mobile friendly and viewable from different devices ie smartphones, tablets.. if your customers say people looking for skateboards, this demographic will most likely be on mobile looking for products, so ensure your website mobile version is down with the kids..

  • SITE SPEED– Ensure your website is fast loading to avoid loosing impatient searchers.
  • ANALYTICS– Set up analytics to monitor/ measure your performance, this gives you view of your website traffic, where to improve and adjust when nessecary.


Zeo Digital have experience in this area and can identify SEO methods suited to your particular business, it all really depends on where you currently are.. how is your SEO? Firstly we can take a look at your website, do you get customers? do they convert? this is where we can help identify measures to improve this sitiuation dramatically.

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