Social media is not just for socialising? its true more and more businesses are using these platforms to attract new customers, it is not as direct as other forms of marketing and helps build relationships with future customers on a more relaxed open forum, giving you the ability to offer your service, advice on customer problems, putting you as the person/ business that can answer those questions in a less direct manner so that when they are ready to purchase you have built this trust in your brand that can lead to sales.

Crafting the correct message on these channels is key to your  success and keeping in mind each platform requires different message or tone, here at Zeo Digital we can help you put your best foot forward to gain maximum impact and exposure for your business, below is some benefits of social media for your business.

  • Education-Learn about your audience, and they can learn about your service.
  • Targeting-You can target your specific customers based on demographics, preference etc
  • Feedback-Real time feedback of your service with valuable info you can act on
  • Promoters-Do a good job and your happy customers become promoters for your business
  • Brand Awareness-Creates brand awareness of your service
  • Low Cost-Substantially cheaper than traditional methods
  • Links-Social media signals show Google your relevant and active

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